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Threat Magnet

Threat Magnet is a new generation honeypot system based on the methodology of enemy misinformation. If an attacker wants to take over critical data or systems - Threat Magnet will allow him to do it, or being more accurately, to gain the illusion that his goal has been achieved. Access to the company's fake important resources will require to break many systems' protections, infiltrate employees, and even perform the necessary offensive activities that are at risk. In fact, all of these activities are only to provoke the attacker to make a mistake. A mistake that will allow an organization to:

Determined aggressors can also fall into traps aimed at physically capturing people involved in the attack.

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Threat Provider

Threat Provider is a tool dedicated to perform phishing simulations and analyze their effectiveness and impact. Threat Provider helps to measure important aspects like:

Threat Provider has modern webbased user interface dedicated for desktops and mobile devices. There is also offensive module that is able to infect employees with a code that emulates malicious software. This malware connects to Threat Provider Command and Control module and allows operator to simulate hostile operations on employees desktops, for example stealing files, grabbing screenshots and much, much more – activities which real hackers do. The purpose of these activities is analysis of user awareness, their reactions and incident handling procedures.

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Cyber Security Aware Employee

Cyber Security Aware Employee (CSAE) is an online training along with certification created by hackers, aiming to raise the awareness of employees about current cyber threats.

The training has been divided into ten modules:

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