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In today’s world, technology is becoming increasingly complex and difficult to comprehend. Many systems are built by several, sometimes dozens of experts from different fields. Such a state of affairs fosters the development of newer and more intricate methods of attacking systems, and the more critical the system, the greater the effort one can expect from the attacker.


Immunity Systems’ scope of work is very extensive and includes a number of areas of security services execution (web applications, fat Immunity Systems uses proprietary methodologies in all these areas, which have been created by extending internationally recognised methodologies. In addition, Immunity Systems is constantly developing methodologies as well as expanding checklists assigned to specific areas and technologies used in them.


Products created by Immunity Systems are a response to the constant threat of cyber attacks by sophisticated and advanced security bypass techniques used by cyber criminals. Our products focus on providing protection against hacker attacks and threats in cyberspace.


Lubisz wyzwania? Masz szeroką wiedzę z zakresu IT, fascynuje Cię bezpieczeństwo systemów, aplikacji, sprzętu? Programujesz i lubisz poznawać nowe języki programowania, miałbyś ochotę czasem napisać ciekawą aplikację, eksploita lub spróbować się włamać do banku? Mamy coś dla Ciebie!
Dołącz do naszego grona ekspertów IT security!

About us

Immunity Systems is a young, highly specialized company engaged in the full range of issues related to IT security. The main asset of the company is a team of enthusiasts with over ten years experience in the IT security offensive and defensive including system implementation and verification of the levels of security systems implemented. 


If you have any questions, we encourage you to contact us directly. Our friendly team is waiting for you there, ready to answer your questions and provide professional assistance. Click on the “Contact” tab and let us know how we can help you. We are here to provide you with support in testing, incident handling, and resolving any cybersecurity-related issues you may have.

years on the market.
years of experience of the most senior expert
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the number of critical vulnerabilities found.

* If you saw one of our experts going to the office of Company X for a week and then noticed an increase in the number of critical vulnerabilities, wouldn’t we be betraying information about our client’s security status? Your security is more important to us than marketing. If you want to test our competence, please get in touch with us. Those numbers mean nothing.