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Offensive Solutions

Defense mechanisms implemented in modern systems are very complex, hence, the important aspect is to verify they are properly functioning. Immunity Systems performs simulations of cyber attacks which allows evaluation of the security response and state of an organization of the client in the event of a real attack. In this type of exercise we use the range of possibilities that can be used by cybercriminals include: social engineering attacks, attempt to circumvent the access control and physical security, searching for weaknesses (including gaps class 0-day) in copyright client systems, the attacks on the network infrastructure including wireless DoS attacks and more. Besides simulations, Immunity Systens performs a wide range of IT security testing solutions, industrial automation systems and dedicated devices.

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Defensive Solutions

We, at Immunity Systems, help our customers improve the infrastructure in terms of security both through the provision of services and implementation of copyright security mechanisms. Apart from advice on selection of the best solutions available on the market, our experts help to reconfigure the existing infrastructure in order to achieve a higher level of security at a lower cost. We also know that the security systems play an important role and qualified employees are required to support them, therefore, we offer out training for the technical staff as well. Training helps you to understand the operation of the attacks and how to detect and defend against them. We also have an incedent response service for handling advanced and urgent incidents which allows our customers to face attacks, for example, using an unknown malware, or attack with an unknown 0day vulnerability, with the confidence of Immunity Systems to support them. In addition, to our trusted clients, we offer our various IDS and IPS solutions for improving the safety of the systems, often tailored for each customerics specific needs.

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Research and Development

We conduct customer research and development related to IT security. We explore new attack vectors, experimenting with new methods of defense. We create our own tools, both offensive and defensive, to expect the unexpected and prepare our clients for known and unknown attacks. The most frequently performed services in this area include reverse engineering software, embedded systems, or data manipulation and analysis of malicious code. We also provide advanced services to security analysis software such as auditing the source code of key systems carried out to detect the largest possible number of errors and the search for vulnerabilities such 0day software. We also support our customers by representing their interests in the field of security with the contractor during the design, implementation, testing and implementation of the new key system. This avoids unplanned repair work to eliminate vulnerabilities before production system implementation.

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