About us imageModern technologies relied on by the world today often formed by many complex and interdependant processes. Systems such as simple parking machines at the entrance have the expectation to performance complex tasks such as currency exchange. Along with the complexity, the nature of the systems role should be considered with considerations of whether they are life support systems or have the ability to affect health and safety of humans.. On an even wider scale, such as supporting critical infastructure for an entire country, providing such goods as energy and fuel. Overall, the good aspects of the development of these technologies are coming less positive; the technology is becoming more complex and difficult to understand. Many of these systems have been built by a few dozen experts in various fields but not usually with Computer Security in mind. Such a situation favors the creation of ever newer and more sophisticated methods of attack on these systems and it is more important that you can expect a greater effort on the part of criminals.

About us image

Immunity Systems is a young, highly specialized company engaged in the full range of issues related to IT security. The main asset of the company is a team of enthusiasts with over ten years experience in the IT security offensive and defensive including system implementation and verification of the levels of security systems implemented. The company's goal is to provide customers with systems and services that will ensure the highest level of security of their information and business processes while maintaining an optimal level of costs incurred.